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Level 1 - Safe Participant 

A two-day course to introduce participants to sailing. The course is designed to be fun and gives participants experience in safety on the water, boat rigging, boat controls, boat handling, knots and basic first aid. The course is designed to enthuse participants in the sport of sailing and encourages them to continue working towards the Level 2 Water Activity Qualification and the Australian Yachting Federation (AYF) sailing qualification.  

Level 2 - Basic Leadership  

The Level 2 course follows the syllabus set out by the Australian Yachting Federation. Participants complete lessons which leads to the acquisition of skills and knowledge to enable them to take charge of a sailing boat and handle it with confidence on all points of sailing in a variety of weather conditions. Successful completion of the course leads to the achievement of Level 2 as well as gaining the "AYF Introductory Certificate" qualification. Participants must have completed the two-day Level 1 course before proceeding with the Level 2 course. The length of the course is based on the competencies displayed, but is usually eight days, (Level 1 and Level 2, combined.)  
After completing Level 1, participants may elect to continue working toward Level 2 and the "AYF Introductory Certificate" qualification by completing an additional six days training. The additional six days training will need to be begun within two months of completing Level 1 qualification.  
***Participants with prior sailing experience may request a one-day assessment of their skills in order to upgrade or renew their qualifications to this standard.*** 

Level 3 - Advanced Leadership  

This level is for those people wishing to take charge of sailing activities involving holders of Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications. Participants wishing to gain a Level 3 qualification will need to successfully complete a Level 2 course or Level 2 one-day assessment before proceeding with the Level 3 qualification.  
Level 3 is a demonstration of a high level of skill in handling sailing boats in a variety of weather conditions. Participants are required to log a minimum of 12 hours as skipper (in addition to the hours logged for Levels 1 and 2.)  
Participants will be allocated to, and under the direct supervision of two instructors who will plan, implement and assess appropriate activities in order for participants to successfully complete the requirements. It is recommended that those wishing to gain a Level 3 qualification be encouraged to complete the "AYF Intermediate Certificate" course.  
Participants will gain the required number of logged hours as a skipper by participating in sailing activities at the Water Activity Centre on such days as General Days, Level 1 and Level 2 sailing courses or by individual sailing at the centre.