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Level 3
Water Activities 
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Trainees will be allocated to, and under the direct supervision of, two instructors who will plan, implement and assess appropriate activities in order for participants to successfully complete the requirements.  
Although not compulsory, trainees will be encouraged to achieve the Australian Yachting Federation Intermediate Certificate. A component of this course is the logging of 80 hours as a helmsman.  
Participants will gain the required number of logged hours as a helmsman by participating in sailing activities at the Water Activity Centre on such days as General Days, Level 1 and Level 2 sailing courses or by individual sailing at the WAC.  
The "Level 3- Sailing" qualification is available to all sections, (except Joeys). Generally, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders will have the physical and mental capabilities to gain this qualification.  


These requirements are all met by participating in the Level 3 Sailing Course.  
     * Have achieved Level 2 in sailing. 
     * Know your region's weather 
       conditions and signs  of change and 
       be able to use this knowledge when 
      engaged in boating activities. Show  
       a proficiency in interpreting weather  
    *  Be able to sail as skipper on all 
       points of sailing demonstrating  
       tacking, gybing, man overboard drill, 
       sailing with damaged tiller, sailing on 
       sails only. 
     * Knowledge of right of way for 
     * Understand flag symbols for 
     * Demonstrate what to do in case of  
       loss of power whilst on the water  
       such as broken mast, broken  or torn 
     * Be able to instruct and examine in 
       the tying and use of Level 1 knots. 
     * Take a leading part in making minor  
       repairs, cleaning and/or painting. 
     * Demonstrate the correct loading of  
       a craft with crew and stores. 
     * Gain a minimum of 12 hours  
       experience as skipper in a variety of 
       weather conditions. 
     * Organise and take part in an  
       overnight journey in a sailing boat. 
     * Demonstrate knowledge of buoys, 
       beacons and navigation signs used 
       in your region and lights on other  
     * Have knowledge of Expired Air  
     * Understand the recognition and 
        treatment of concussion and other 
        head injuries.