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Level 1
Water Activities 
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The "Level 1 Sailing" qualification is available to all sections, (except Joeys). Generally, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders will have the physical and mental capabilities to gain this qualification. In most cases, Cubs will participate in familiarisation activities. Cubs who have had prior sailing experience with a sailing club may seek to gain the Level 1 - Sailing qualification.  
The successful completion of this course will enable Scouts to gain a "Level 1 - Sailing" qualification as well as substantially completing the requirements for the Pioneer Level, Water Activities Target Badge.  
Trainee's will be divided in the maximum ratio of  one instructor / assistant instructor per three trainees for on water tuition.  


These requirements are all met by participating in the Level 1 Sailing Course.  
    * Be able to swim 50m without a PFD 
      and there after stay afloat for 3  
    * Explain three effects weather and 
      water has on a sailing boat.  
    * Have knowledge of Expired Air  
    * Demonstrate the wearing of an  
      approved Personal Flotation Device 
      and know when it should be worn 
      when boating.  
    * Understand the importance of 
      staying with an overturned boat and  
      never boating alone.  
    * Know the most frequent medical  
      hazards associated with boating, 
      (sunburn, eyestrain, sunstroke,  
      seasickness, immersion and 
      hypothermia,) and the appropriate 
      precautions to avoid them.  
    * Demonstrate and know the use of 
      the following knots: figure of eight, 
      bowline, round turn and two half  
      hitches, sheet bend, double 
      fisherman's bend.  
    * Assist in the following skills: rigging 
      a sailing boat, getting in and out, off 
      a beach and at a landing, trim,  
      launching into and removal from 
      water of a sailing boat.  
    * Know what a sea anchor is and how 
      it is used.  
    * Know the parts of a sail and the  
      controls of a sailing boat, (jib sheet,  
      main sheet, sails, centreboard, tiller  
      and rudder.)  
    * Know a minimum of 15 parts of a  
      sailing boat.  
    * Be able to recognise four different  
      types of craft.  
    * Have four hours experience, as an 
      active crew member, in a sailing