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Water Activities 
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The New South Wales Water Activity Centre is located at the mouth of the Lane Cove River, on Beautiful Sydney Harbour. At the end of  The Point Road, Woolwich, the centre offers water activities for all ages in suitable weather conditions. Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and Parents are able to participate safely in a range of activities. The centre offers courses in Canoeing, Sailing and Power Boating (Levels 1,2 and 3) as well as General Days. General Days provide the opportunity to experience all of the activities offered in just a single day. Participants are given the opportunity to go canoeing, sailing and power boating with experienced and competent instructors.  

A typical General Day consists of:  

08:30am   Flag Parade (Arrive in 
08:45am   Rules - Safety and Boating  
                 Change into boating clothes  
                 SHOES MUST BE WORN 
                 AT ALL TIMES and a PFD
                 whilst in any craft.  
09:15am   Help rig sail boats and other 
10:00am   Divide into watches (groups) 
                 and go boating  
11:00am   Change watches  
12:00pm   Lunch  
  1:00pm   Back on water  
  2:00pm   Change watches  
  3:00pm   All ashore!  
                 Wash down boats, replace all 
                 equipment, tidy up  
  3:30pm   Shower and change into 
  4:00pm   Depart  

The 4 watches mentioned comprise Canoeing, Sailing (twice) and Power Boating, so that each person can learn the basics of boating.  

Each Activity is in the charge of a Trained Instructor